Believe or not, a possible career for medical assistants is working in the judicial system as a medical assistant or a certified nursing aid. Prisoners and inmates often contract illnesses or sustain injuries from other inmates or as punishment for disobedience. While there is certified professionals within these facilities who take care of these kinds of patients – the number of incoming cases can be overwhelming, so hiring medical assistants (or certified nursing aids) will help ease the work load.

While the job itself poses some threats and even anxieties due to the work setting it does offer a lot of pros. Government institutions pay well and have great benefit packages. Not to mention that it is the sort of career that always has openings due to the negative stigma given by others. But if you are worried about the job and would like some tips before beginning a career as a prison CAN or MA here are some tips.

  1. You will be lied to – inmates tend to be very subtle and cunning when it comes to getting what they want from people. Remember, you are dealing with charged and convicted people. While some could have a change of heart most do not and are in there for a reason. Be tough. Be familiar with dealing with manipulation, lying, and over dramatization.
  2. You will be safe – despite having one-on-one time with inmates there will always be a security officer nearby if not right next to you the entire time. Safety is the number one most important element of these facilities, and the guards take their job very seriously. As an employee you will always be kept safe by the guards, and there is never a moment in which you are truly alone with an inmate.

Have you ever asked anyone, whether a health care worker, a colleague, or even a friend or neighbor, just what it means to be titled as a medical assistant? As in, what does your career and title stand for? Usually, two things will happen. The first will be that someone will say, what the flip is medical assisting? And the second someone will say, hey let me think about that for a moment or two before returning with two answers: I don’t know and the title of some job.

So what kind of meaning do medical assistants give to their title?

It’s all a matter of a pride. Whether they say so or not, MA’s have a great sense of pride when it comes to the work they do. Because not every medical assistant goes out and gets certified, their pride in helping others, managing a business, and being efficient workers will sometimes land them the job without needing certification.

Medical assistants take pride in being able to practice what they have studied on others. They didn’t complete an MA program just for the pay and benefits, they did it for the experience and because they either care about others and want to help them, or are just genuinely interested in medical procedures and processes. Medical Assistants typically want to go out and get certified, to move up in the ranks of the healthcare industry, and to one day either be CMA’s or LPNS, so that they can really get their hands on more clinical work as opposed to administrative duties.

One last thing that defines the title medical assistant is their commitment to excellence. They will work very hard in order to learn more and keep the office running. Most MA’s are just looking for a chance to get experience and move up, and if they get that chance they will give it their all.

Working in the healthcare industry can be really hard. Not just because you have a numerous amount of tasks, tests, and resupplying to do for whatever facility you are employed for, but because you also have to deal with patients of all kinds: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Whether it is in a physician’s office, hospital, or free clinic, trained Medical Assistants will have to learn how to cope and deal with a variety of patients. A Medical assistant associate’s degree will train you how to handle these situations but here are a few tips that could help you overcome potential bad patients.


Don’t Bait them

Try to be as calm and cool as possible. Being a bit non-chalant will help patients not take your words out of context and rise to an unneeded and unnecessary argument. Some of the worst patients will make very snarky comments to try and rile you up, so just act like you didn’t even hear them , or that you just don’t care about what it is that they have to say. Usually they will critique how much time it has taken for them to get into the patient room from the waiting room, and they will try to make you feel incompetent, so don’t let them rile you up, and don’t say anything that might bait their bad behavior.


Stay cool

Don’t let their bad behavior rile you up into retaliation. Control your fight or flight response to bullying situations, and just keep a calm and expressionless face. This way they can’t feed off of your energy or expression and file a complaint against you. It has happened time after time, and the littlest of things can be turned against you when it comes to the health care industry. Make sure to always be gentle and caring but not too overbearingly positive.

Occasionally aging is a discomfort inside the throat, actually. As people era, just about everyone encounters some extent of cervical vertebrae damage. Most physicians consider the reason that is therefore common is really because after many years of our neck bones that are fairly little supporting a 9 or 10-pound head, they simply begin to wear-out. Several of the folks who’ve serious cervical deterioration may end neck arthritis that is developing up. Several of the typical indicators of neck arthritis include, difficulty retaining harmony, serious neck pain, plus a stiff neck.

Exercise Will Help
Many individuals automatically grow their neck to ease the discomfort. However, although stretching can help to your level, weight training continues to be identified to lead to throat pain relief that was important, regardless of cause of the discomfort. The outcomes are usually a lot more substantial in girls. One study found that throat pain relief that was “considerable” was described by one in four females. You could find that your ability laterally together with to shift your throat down and up may also improve.

Extending Will Help
Although not fundamentally as successful as exercise, extending may also help with serious neck pain alleviation. Extending can not be most useless if accomplished before and after exercising. Your neck muscles loosen and aids with flexibility, reducing chances of injuring oneself while training. After training extending also can lessen muscle aches the following day.

Exercise Tips

  • Stretch after exercising
  • Start the consistency and repetitions easy when you grasp the workouts raise, and do several reps out on a weekly basis.
  • Exercise your neck on the daily basis
  • Try going to bed before and after extending. This can help stop morning neck stiffness caused by neck arthritis.

If you suffer with chronic throat pain, our NJ Pain Center is here to help. We have been assisting New Jersey citizens for our board-certified and many years’ pain doctors have decades of expertise working with neck ache caused by arthritis. Contact us today to guide an appointment online, or book an appointment.