Appeal and Benefits

Most classes are open to all levels of ability and age because you set the bicycles resistance to your individual fitness level. Men have found group cycling to their liking, many fled aerobic-dance classes
because of the complicated dance-step routines and intimidation by the number of women participants. Bodybuilders, athletes and overweight individuals find cycling in this manner preferable because of the reduced joint strain.
Research shows the participant can burn an average of 500 calories in just 45 minutes and become extremely fit. (Actual caloric burn depends on age, gender, fitness level, and physical condition).
You might think you feel good in your body right now.
But try to imagine what better feels like.

Imagine you have total flexibility and freedom of movement. Imagine complete freedom from any aches, pains or feelings of imbalance. Imagine you feel like you just walked out of a massage all the time.
The situation you have just imagined is a reality for people who practice Yamuna Body
Anyone can do it – athletes, couch potatoes, dancers, older people, yogis, and even folks who can’t get out of bed. It’s easy to do, and you can do it anywhere once you learn the routines. You can see and feel results from your very first session on the ball.
What is Yamuna Body Rolling?
YBR is a practice of rolling the body over specially designed balls in routines that follow the body’s natural order. It is a gentle, yet comprehensive self-therapy. Combining the releasing effects of massage with the toning effects of exercise, YBR provides an effortless workout and deep stretch.
How does it work?
YBR works from the inside out, lengthening the muscles and allowing them to fully release. Through the pressure and tractioning of one’s body weight on the ball, YBR creates space around the joints and the vertebrae, stimulates the bone, and frees the connective tissue. YBR re-educates muscles, decoding negative holding patterns that cause pain and discomfort.
Over time, your relationship with your body is enriched as you unravel restrictions and blockages of energy caused by the repetitive stress of daily life. YBR is revolutionary in that it creates fitness from the ground up, breaking cycles of pain and imbalance and allowing the toning process to begin from there. YBR is great on its own or as a compliment to other healing and fitness modalities.