Ecuador is a small country divided into 4 regions,Highlands-Andes , Jungle Coast and Galapagos islands making of it the most complete country in the whole South Amreica which is absolutely worth visiting all.

Should you want to see all the regions we suggest taking about thrree weeks,however you can see parts of it in Under one week. With use of a green screen, these amazing backdrops can be used with the best photo booths Orlando, FL.







Day 7: Santiago Island, Sullivan Bay & Bartolome Island
Our second day on Santiago Island takes us to awe-inspiring Sullivan Bay. At the turn of the century a huge lava flow spilled forth and right down to the sea; today you can stroll across this black volcanic expanse admiring its time-frozen ripples, bubbles and ropes.

After lunch we will visit nearby Bartolome Island, which at its highest point (114m) has one of the most photographed vistas in the archipelago. This island is quite young and quite volcanic.  Therefore, it’s relatively unpopulated; only a small handful of die-hard plant and animal speicies have survived long enough to call this otherworldly lava-land home.


Day 8: North Seymour Island
After an early breakfast we will disembark at our last stop, North Seymour Island.  Here we will see frigatebirds, the clownish blue-footed booby, and of course the ubiquitous sea lions.  With luck we will witness the striking courtship display of the male frigatebird, in which he inflates a red balloon-like sac below his throat and struts his stuff for all of the young females. After our visit to North Seymour we will sail to Baltra Island to catch our plane back to the mainland.