3 Keys to Planning Your Link Strategy


Taking an active, targeted approach to your home services Web marketing campaign is key to

The linkage process involves finding Web sites that fit well with your own business, product line and services, but are (of course!) not in direct competition with you. your success. And one of the most fundamental methods of promoting your Web site is through strategic linking.

Simply by getting other targeted Web sites with high volumes of traffic to link to you, a percentage of their traffic will become your traffic.

This can increase your sales exponentially.


In fact, strategic links can generate more traffic to your site than anything else (other than getting – and keeping – a top #1-5 position on a major search engine).

The drawback to the linkage process is that it’s plain hard work.

Automated systems (such as free-for-all (FFA) links pages) are not the answer. They deliver inferior and generally useless results, unqualified tire-kickers and endless spam.

Don’t go the FFA route – it will NOT build your business because it isn’t targeted.

The truth us that links to get targeted, qualified site visitors – your potential customers – can ONLY be generated through one on one contact with other site owners, one email at a time.

Your successful linkage campaign will require plenty of hours, effort and relationship building skills, but the benefits include… More traffic. Better search engine positioning. More profits and sales.

Even with these benefits, are you wondering if your efforts will be worth it? Here are 3 useful incentives to keep in mind:

1. You will make your site a destination of choice

You will add lots of value to your site and become a ‘favorite’ by creating a reciprocal links page. Build strong bonds with sites that already have lots of exposure. Give your visitors the quality they seek, and they’ll return again and again.

2. You will improve your search engine rankings

Quality links are essential. The higher traffic sites you have linking to your site, the more popular you become. The more popular your site appears to the search engines, the higher it will be ranked.

3. You will boost your credibility

You will boost your exposure and your credibility. Having sites link back to you is as good as an endorsement, and direct marketers know that endorsement marketing generates a lot more sales.